Dicke Luft? Fehlanzeige.                                                              

  Kammer, T.: Dicke Luft? Fehlanzeige., published in md INTERIOR | DESIGN | ARCHITECTURE, Edition 03/2017,
p. 42–44


  Private Edition, OFROOM GmbH, Christine Bärnthaler
(not for sale)
Publication of UHPC and TRC Concrete as well as hydrophobic concrete as part of the beton:book.

Sustainable Built Environment (SBE) Regional Conference

15th – 17th June 2016, Zurich, Switzerland

  Expert panel discussion, 17th June 2016: Expanding Boundaries: Systems Thinking for the Built Environment
Eike Roswag-Klinge; Annette Aumann; Jens Feddern; Niklaus Kohler; Chrisna du Plessis; Guillaume Habert

The Regrowing City – Build natural/build healthy

25th June 2016, Berlin, Germany
www.zrs-berlin.de | Programme

  Moisture – Curse or Blessing?
Walter Hugentobler (University of Zurich)
  Rating Build Materials for Health-Emissions – Quality Standards, Legal Aspects and European Perspectives
Ana Maria Scutaru (Federal Institute for Environment)
  Emissions from Building Materials to the Air – Investigations for Healthy Living
Matthias Richter (BAM)
  Hygroscopic materials versus mechanical ventilation
Andrea Klinge (Roswag Architekten)

'Making the most of mud'

  First H-House demo project for internal partition walls based on earth dry board and earth plaster for office building in Berlin Kreuzberg. (3:26 min)
Deutsche Welle, ECO@AFRICA series, Report by Peter Wozny

ECTP Innovative Built Environment

Project database list: www.ectp.org