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October 2017
July 2017


05th – 07th June 2017, Hong Kong, China | Programm

Eike Roswag (Roswag Architekten) will present latest H-House results with regards to hygroscopic properties of materials and materials' emissions and give a lecture about the topic 'Naturally ventilated earth timber constructions'. Reference will be made to the application of the researched solutions.

May 2017


28th – 31st May 2017, GHENT University | Programme

The 14th international conference of building materials and components will be held at at ‘Het Pand’, the Cultural Centre of the University of Ghent. The H-house project will be presented by several presentations. Katarina Malaga (CBI) will introduce the project and present the overall goals and project achievements and will talk in a dedicated session about the accelerated ageing of textile reinforced concrete. Patrick Fontana (BAM) will give a presentation about the durability of UHPC for facade elements with self-cleaning surfaces. Lorenzo Miccoli (BAM) will talk about the design of UHPC-AAC light-weight composite façade elements for refurbishment. Marion Sie (Cycleco) will present latest LCA results and talk about the influence of life span prediction on building component's LCA performance.

April 2017

Gesunder Wohnraum mit dem Naturbaustoff Ton / zukunftsweisende Innenwandsysteme 

27th April 2017

Pfefferberg Haus 12, Seminarraum Weißer Pfeffer, Berlin

The positive effect of earthen materials on the indoor environmental quality (IEQ) is unique. Earth plasters are able to regulate humidity levels and effectively absorb pollutants (VOC's) and odours. The material has been used in buildings such as hotels, offices, kindergartens, concert halls as well as the world's first zero-energy tower. The Austrian manufacturer EMOTON has organized a road show for architects, property developers and construction companies to discuss the functions of an interior plaster and the influence in the indoor climate. Andrea Klinge (Roswag Architekten) will present latest results from the H-House project and highlight the potential of aerogel modified earthen plasters and other natural building materials in light of innovative systems for internal partition walls.

March 2017



30th March 2017
City Hall Eckernförde, Germany

The 20th symposium for Architecture and Energy will discuss the question of the future energy supply? Amongst approaches for climate model quarters, recycling building materials, zero energy buildings etc., Andreas Pohl (Roswag Architekten) will present latest project results of the H-House project and discuss the use of natural building materials for the interior fit-out in light of opportunities for energy reduction with regards to mechanical ventilation.

January 2017

H-House at BAU 2017 in Munich at the DETAIL Research Lab

16th–21st January 2017
Foyer, ground floor ICM – Internationales Congress Center München

The H-House project is pleased to announce that latest projects results will be exhibited at the DETAIl research Lab at the BAU in Munich. The samples are part of a curated exhibition that presents future-oriented prototypes, material samples and products of established manufacturers and processing companies. In addition, universities, research institutes but also research projects show innovative developments with regards to the construction of buildings.  The exhibition shows how research can be put into practice.