The content of this WP is focused on the material level. The work comprises the selection of adequate natural materials for indoor application as well as the optimisation and/or the development of new formulations for cement based materials for the building envelope. Ultra-high performance fibre reinforced concrete (UHPFRC), textile reinforced concrete (TRC), foamed concrete (FC) and aerated autoclaved concrete (AAC) are the key cement-based materials being developed in this WP. Special attention will be given to provide multifunctional properties not only of the surfaces but also of the bulk materials. The development of the materials will be carried out at PM1–18, where improvements of the new materials are quantified in comparison to the current technology such as gypsum board or fibreboard with different finish. Testing of hygrothermal and acoustic properties of the materials and durability aspects will be performed at PM4–36. 


Textile reinforced concrete


Functionalised earth plaster


Lead beneficiary BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing
Involved participants CBI, BAM, ITB, CNC, ROS, GEL, DYC, STR, XEL
Activity Type RTD / Start PM1 / End PM36 / Person months 199 

Provision of tailored materials for the building components in WP3 (development of building components) and input parameters for WP4 (modelling) and WP5 (proof of concept):

  • Design and development of natural building materials with tailored health properties
  • Design and development of energy efficient cement based materials with alternative reinforcements and tailored physical properties
  • Physical and chemical surface modification of materials