WP6 aims to conduct a holistic environmental and cost assessment of the materials and components developed during the project, using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Cost (LCC) methods. At the beginning of the project, the focus is placed on the eco-design of materials: iterative ‘cradle to gate’ LCA are conducted in collaboration with project partners to support the design process that shall be based on environmental criteria. This process is progressively extended to the design of components (partitions and envelope), considering all life cycle steps. 

The assessment of human health impact due to indoor pollutants is subject of a specific study as it is currently a gap in LCA studies. Cost indicators are regarded in due course, in order to compare global cost from the building owner and user point of view. At the end of the project, the materials and components are environmentally described in order to integrate them into a Life Cycle Inventory database, provided to and used by environmental analysts for the assessment at building level.